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We Provide Speedy Arrest Notifications

Care Database serves as a tool to enable individuals to safely monitor the arrest status and conduct wellness checks on their loved ones.

The Notification System that Cares

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CareDB is getting ready to launch our beta testing in Fall 2022. If you’re a parent with a young adult going into college, or interested in monitoring someone’s arrest activity – sign up today to stay updated!

What Happens After Arrest

The ability to make phone calls and the extent to which you are entitled too are determined by state law. Arranging affairs and informing emergency contacts post arrest are crucial in post arrest situation management.

So what happens if you are unable to alert your appropriate contacts effectively? That’s where CareDB comes in.

The Reality of Arrest

 “Young adults, ages 18-24, represent. 9.5% of the U.S. population, yet account for 23% of all arrests.”

– National Conference of State Legislatures (2019)

Individuals who have experienced arrest in young adulthood are statistically less likely to be paid as much as their peers, lower likelihood of marriage, and reduced quality of living. Taking swift action post-arrest is crucial to preventing repeat offenses and implementing damage control.

Unfair Treatment In the Criminal-Justice System

The overrepresentation of Black Americans in the justice system is no secret. Bias in various levels of the justice process have led to the implementation and enforcement of discriminatory practices which disadvantages the black community.
Studies have found that Black Americans are “more likely to be stopped by the police, detained pretrial, charged with more serious crimes, and sentenced more harshly than white people” (Vera Evidence Brief, 2018).
While these injustices continue, families can solace in the ability to take proactive measures to keep track of their loved ones’ incidences with the criminal justice system.


When my daughter got in trouble for underage drinking, I wanted to stay on top of the situation. Being aware of her arrest and being alerted immediately was a huge relief for me as a parent.

University of Houston, Parent

While I trust my kids, in the case that they’re arrested, I’d want to know immediately so I could start getting bail and any legal representation needed ready.

Texas A&M, Parent

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