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About US

About Care Database

CareDB serves as a notification system that alerts parents of college students of their adult child’s arrest in order to aid with post-arrest management.

Our Approach is Centered Around Easing the Post Arrest Process

Once you sign up, you have the two options.
  • The first is to monitor your own public arrest data and connect your emergency contacts so they may be alerted in the case of your arrest.
  • The second is to monitor another individual’s public data, and choose yourself and others to be emergency contacts who will be alerted in the case of that individual of interest’s arrest.
Our service conducts daily checks on public arrest databases that analyze whether you or your individual of interest has been arrested. If we find a match within your local jurisdiction, we will send a series of notifications to ensure that the designated emergency contacts have been alerted and provided the arrest report.

Our Values

At CareDB, we understand that we’re dealing with life changing data. That’s why we uphold our values with utmost integrity.


Care. That’s What We Do.